Wines of Bulgaria

The National Vine and Wine Chamber

The National Vine and Wine Chamber (NVWC) in Bulgaria is a non-governmental association of the professionals engaged in vine-growing and wine-making in Bulgaria. It was established in February 2000 as the successor of the Association of producers and merchants of wine and spirits, founded in 1991. The mission of the Chamber is to defend and promote the professional interests of its members as well as to guarantee and promote the quality, authenticity, and origin of wines. The NVWC and the 6 regional chambers (Trakia RVWC, based in the town of Plovdiv; Mizia RVWC, based in the town of Pleven; Southeast Thracian RVWC, based in the town of Sliven; Black Sea RVWC, based in the town of Varna; Southern Black Sea RVWC, based in the town of Bourgas, Pirin RVWC, based in Damyanitsa village) are non-governmental organizations summoned to promote further the development and competitiveness of Bulgarian vine and wine industry. They are also authorized to issue a certificate of origin to quality wines as well as a certificate of authenticity to grapes varieties. The chambers set up tasting committees to carry out the mandatory organoleptic analyses. National Vine and Wine Chamber is an organizer and co-organizer of important national and international events: I International Viticulture and Enology Fair VINARIA in Plovdiv, since 1992. The exhibition, which is held every year in April attracts both wine producing companies and those engaged in production and distribution of machines, equipment and auxiliary materials for viticulture and enology from all over the world. International Wine and Spirits Competition VINARIA is the main event in the support program of the fair. Every year more and more wines from all over the world compete for the prestige prize Golden Rhyton which only 6 wines from all participated are awarded. I SALON DE VIN in Sofia, since 2001. The exhibition, held every year in November, is aimed at the biggest national wine market – Sofia. SALON DE VIN enjoys the interest of an increasing number of Bulgarian and foreign wine producers who annually participate in the exhibition, demonstrating their premieres and traditional products. The competition for the Golden medals of InterExpo Centre and a Consumer contest are the main events in the support program. I DEFILE OF YOUNG WINE in Plovdiv, since 2009. This is a celebration of the new vintage of Bulgarian wine every last weekend of November in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Tasting, contests, lectures – all these aim at enlarging the wine culture of the consumers and demonstrating the quality of Bulgarian wine. I BULGARIAN WINE WEEKEND, since 2013. Trade tasting and master classes for experts – each year for a different wine market. I BALKAN RAKIYA FEST, since 2013. Exhibition and tasting of the traditional drink rakiya. I Presentations and tastings of Bulgarian wines in the country and all over the world. I Wine tours for professional, connoisseurs and wine lovers. Bulgaria offers unique destinations for wine tourism. The traditions of winemaking can be evidenced by the fact that 90% of the vessels discovered during archaeological excavations here are related to wine. Together with the tasting of the high quality wines there are lot of historic sites dating back thousands of years. There are a unique museums of grape growing and winemaking which demonstrate the long history of wine in Bulgarian lands. Professional education and master classes in viticulture and enology are organized in the Educational Centre of NVWC in Sofia. Official certificates are issued by the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria. Bulgarian wines participate every year in a lot of prestigious wine contests such as Decanter World Wine Competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirits Competition in London, etc. and win the highest awards. NVWC issues scientific viticulture and enology journal – LOZARSVO & VINARSTVO, est. 1911, and marketing magazine BGWine, est. 2012. NVWC is a co-editor of the catalogue WINE & SPIRITS IN BULGARIA. The NVWC defines the strategies for the development of vine-growing and wine-making and implements the policies in the vine and wine industry. The associated community of Bulgarian grape growers and wine makers is summoned to restore the reputation of Bulgarian wine by ensuring its competitiveness. By employing their expertise, emphasizing the advantages of the favourable geographical factors, and continuing the deep-rooted ancient tradition, the Bulgarian society of vintners demonstrates and confirms the strong assets of Bulgarian wines.

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