Wines of North Greece

Wines of North Greece PROFILE

The`Wines of North Greece` Association was created in 1993 in Thessaloniki. Its goal is to support the viticultural and vinicultural traditions of northern Greece while giving local and foreign visitors the opportunity to enjoy our unique brand of hospitality. A total of 33 wineries have joined forces and agreed upon a set of common objectives.

• Boosting the image of the wines of the northern Greek vineyards while promoting them at home and abroad.

• Offering visitors a complete wine tourism experience in the vineyards and around the beautiful countryside of Northern Greece.

• Supporting Greece`s cultural heritage by featuring grape growing and winemaking as well as local cultural activities.

• Creating a general set of rules governing the relationships between growers, winemakers and wine merchants, with the goal of optimising cooperation between the members, reaching out to consumers while improving the quality of both our products and services.

Local authorities, cultural organisations, local enterprises and other associations are actively involved in the activities related to the above objectives. These activities include creating signage for tourists, creating folklore museums focused on the Greek viticultural tradition, winemaking and local gastronomy, publishing books and organizing cultural events. Finally, all these activities are organised in conjunction with local festivals while incorporating local history, customs and traditions. The Wines of North Greece plan to undertake the following projects and activities:

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