Wines of North Greece

Wine Roads of Northern Greece

The WINE ROADS OF NORTHERN GREECE, one of the signature activities of the Wines of North Greece, is an alternative tourism intiative quite unlike anything else in the country and an innovative way for any visitor, Greek or foreign, to discover wineries of northern Greece that are open to visitors while having the opportunity to explore the lush vine-growing areas of this part of Greece and experience a host of local cultural activities.

The network of the Wine Roads of Northern Greece has grown to include select hotels, restaurants, local producers and companies that provide nature and outdoor activities, in order to create a framework for the support of Greek cultural and gastronomic traditions. With a host of informative and entertaining events, the Wine Roads of Northern Greece continue to play a leading role in support of wine, a key element in Greek cultural traditions since ancient times.

Visitors to the vineyards in Northern Greece can experience a total of 8 different routes, beginning in Mt Olympus, home of the ancient Greek gods, continuing north to the Aegean playground of Halkidiki, the Dionysian heartland of Mt Pangaio and ending at the far north eastern region of Thrace.

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