Wines of North Greece

The Wine Routes of the Wine Roads of Northern Greece

• The Wine Route of the Olympian Gods
• The Wine Route of Epirus
• The Wine Route of the Lakes
• The Wine Route of Naoussa
• The Wine Route of Pella & Goumenissa
• The Wine Route of Thessaloniki
• The Wine Route of Halkidiki
• The Wine Route of Dionysus

A total of 36 wineries maintain an open door policy to visitors all year long for winetastings, excursions to the wineries and vineyards, local happenings and events. I Organising an annual international wine competition, the Thessaloniki International Wine Competition, unique in Greece, with the goal of presenting and promoting quality international wines to professionals and the general public. Every March, during the Competition, which is organized under the auspices of the O.I.V. (International Organization of Vine and Wine), well known foreign and Greek wine professionals (oenologists, sommeliers and journalists) taste and judge wines from Greece and abroad for the three days of the competition. The winners of the competition receive their awards at the annual Gala awards ceremony, while the public is given the opportunity to taste the award-winning wines at a wine tasting event every year after the end of the competition.

The ‘Thessaloniki International Wine Competition’ is constantly growing as the amount of participating wine producers increases every year. The quality of the samples submitted improves each year as well, providing strong evidence that this competition has become a major institution for Greek wine. In addition, the medals of the competition are universally acknowledged by professionals and consumers both in Greece and abroad. I Organizing gastronomic and cultural events and conferences with the goal of familiarizing Greek and foreign visitors with our rich wine and gastronomic traditions and culture in association with select dining venues, interdisciplinary meetings and cultural activities. The established wine tasting event `VorOina` (VorOina = a tasting of wines from the vineyards of Northern Greece, Vor-Oina=ΒορΟινά, from Βορράς, Vorras=north, and Οινά=Oina from oinos=οίνος=wine) takes place in Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek cities annually and is an excellent opportunity for professionals and the general public to taste the current vintage releases of the association’s producers. Open Doors at the wineries of `Wine Roads of Northern Greece`: Every year the winemakers and members of the wine tourism network “Wine Roads of Northern Greece” welcome wine lovers to their wineries in a festive mood during the second weekend of May.

Visitors enjoy guided tours, get the chance to taste exceptional wines and the opportunity to purchase rare vintages at special prices while enjoying the many happenings and events during these days. I Providing education for people interested in wine-related occupations, such as restaurant ownership, hoteliers, waiters, special wine guides, etc. I Participating in and collaborating with international societies and organizations with similar objectives.

The development of this type of cooperation in wine tourism reinforces the positive results of our activities as well as aiding the local regional economy. I Participating in international trade fairs in Greece and abroad.

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