Wines of North Greece

PDO Vine-Growing Regions in North Greece

In accordance with European Union regulations, the term Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) on a label means that the wine comes from a legally-defined vinegrowing area with a specific name, is produced from the varieties which are indicated by the legislation for that area, is vinified using the area’s traditional technique and has specific organoleptic characteristics. Wines with the indication PDO have typicity and character, that indicate the area from which they originate.

There are 6 PDO regions in North Greece.

  • The PDO region Rapsani lies on the foothills of Mount Olympus.
  • The rich red PDO Rapsani wine is made from the grape varieties Xinomavro, Krasato and Stavroto.
  • The PDO region Zitsa is in Epirus. Two types of the fragrant PDO Zitsa wine are produced from the white grape variety Debina, a still and a semi-sparkling one.
  • The PDO region Amynteo lies in Amynteo, around Lake Vegoritida. The noble red grape variety Xinomavro is grown here, and the wines produced are PDO Amynteo still rosé and red, as well as the only sparkling rosé in Greece with the PDO indication.
  • The PDO region Naoussa lies around the town of Naoussa on the foothills of Mount Vermion. This is an area dominated by Xinomavro, which gives the red PDO Naoussa wine its characteristic rich aroma in two types – dry and semi-sweet.
  • The PDO region Goumenissa extends around the foothills of Mount Paiko, around the town of Goumenissa.
  • The gentle and elegant PDO Goumenissa wine is produced from the Xinomavro and Negoska red grape varieties.
  • The PDO region Slopes of Meliton is located in Halkidiki, on the slopes of Mount Meliton on the Sithonia peninsula.
  • The red PDO Slopes of Meliton wine is produced from the varieties Limnio, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
  • The white PDO Slopes of Meliton wine is produced from the varieties Assyrtiko, Roditis and Athiri.

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